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  • Voice & Artwork

    Voice & Artwork

    This video features the artwork, voice impersonations and animation skills of Steve Kramer.

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  • Television Reel

    Television Reel

    A year after launching his stand-up comedy career, Steve Kramer beat out Dane Cook to co-star with Frank Caliendo on the television series “Hype”.  By playing celebrities like Bruce Willis, Regis Philbin, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Grinch, Scott Stapp, and many more, Steve showcased his ability to sing and master voices.

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  • “Stanford And Sons”

    “Stanford And Sons”

    This cartoon started off as a reality show until Steve Kramer decided to teach himself how to animate.  It was featured in the “Just For Laughs” Comedy Festival in Montreal in 2012 and it is about Steve’s hometown comedy club, Stanford & Sons.  (This cartoon has adult material and is not for children!!!)

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  • “Cerebral Palsy Jesse”

    “Cerebral Palsy Jesse”

    “Cerebral Palsy Jesse” is a comedian who lives with the disability he refers to in his stage name.  If there was ever an individual who turned lemons into lemonade, it’s this guy.  He’s known for his unique ability to perform physical comedy and for singing songs on the radio.  When he and Steve Kramer met many years ago, they instantly became good friends and they wrote and produced this video to raise money for other kids who live with Cerebral Palsy.

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  • “Pablo’s European Tour Commercial”

    “Pablo’s European Tour Commercial”

    When Pablo Francisco was touring in Europe, he asked Steve to animate this commercial.  Halfway through the tour, he asked Steve to join him in Sweden and they have been touring together ever since.

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  • Steve Kramer doing some stand-up.

    Steve Kramer doing some stand-up.

    This is a clip from Steve Kramer’s feature week at the DC Improv.

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